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Cravat is a live communication team that makes creation & production come together. We help companies & organisations to tell their Story in Marketing, Sales & HR. Cravat creates an engaging context through LIVE activations & events, Digital & Video productions, and our Storytelling Studio.


Creative Process & Strategic analyses to find a tie that fits your suit

Reach your goals with our 4 pillars of success


Define your goals, your audience, your needs and wishes. Analyze your habits, your strengths and your values. How can you be relevant to your targetgroup? How do your efforts make a difference? How do you position yourself and which channels do you use? How do you reach your goal? In the first process, we dig deep into the core and define our field of action.



Together we look for a concept that works for your organization. We create an environment where we create connections and common grounds. What drives you and your clients? We create the story and tone of our voice, and implement it as a common thread in all communication channels. We develop and model the format and let the members decide why and where they want to belong.



This is the domain where the analyses & concept come together. This is where everything moves, where we create memorable points of contact and you capture data. Start communicating. Spread the message, measure the results. Customize, tune in where needed, so you improve, seize opportunities and work toward your goal. This is where you engage in conversation, where you feel the common ground.



The ultimate goal… to really connect with the audience we’re looking for. When we identify our common DNA, values and goals, we create a real connection with each other. We recognize that our stories are the same, that our history is similar and that our future is a parallel journey. This is where we really connect and join the same team.

LIVE activations & events

Thinking hybrid & virtual for the best experience and reach

Welcome to the Cradle. With an expertise of more than 25 years translating corporate messages into Live Activations & Events, no challenge is too big for Cravat.

If you are looking for a company to bring your game to a higher league, you’ve hit the right team to provide you realistic solutions with impact.

Digital & video
Let’s capture your story & make it unforgettable

From Webinar to Sport Live Cap to Drone broadcast, whatever makes your tie curl


mtech+ nws | Virtual Launch Broadcast
Antwerpen Shift | 2021
Storytelling studio
With support from our creative team and an agile network of design experts we provide:

Engaging Storytelling DTP Support Copywriting Design Print & Digital Mailings & Social Campaigns Motion Graphic

Tech tools

Experience centres Virtual Meetings Invite & Register Engagement Tools Time-Slot Ticketing Audience Measurements Lead Generation Safety Distance Sport TECH Live-Captation



Inspire – Consult – Support

Companies & organizations face challenges in achieving their goals in Marketing, Sales & HR. When looking for extra oxygen or support, you can rely on an agile partner to help you achieve your targets.

B2B Internal HR B2B External Sales MKT Public Governments Sport Community PR

a live communication team that makes creation & production come together

Share your challenge with us

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