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AG Demolition Party


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Goal: AG real Estate is a big investor in commercial real Estate and has a high level of expertise in different aspects :Design, development & operation of commercial spaces. To initiate the renovation of all shop-owners of Westland Shopping (BRU), AG Real Estate was looking for the right format & framework to launch this inconvenient period in a positive way!


Welcome to the Demolition Party, an evening that made its way into the Westland history books. A smart & creative event approach was necessary to transform the venue into a construction site. The mix of themed & genuine construction decoration, activations & themed catering made the message clear : renovation can be a lot of fun, if you take it in the right perspective!


Through the teasing ‘under construction’ Billboards & the personalized poster Campaign, we had a full house with an attendance of 95%.


Sometimes the right image, tells you more then words. The demolition party became a night never to forget!

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