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ALDI BOUWT / Aldi Construit


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Goal: Retailer ALDI is growing, also in urban environments. In order to create leverage towards local governments, Aldi needs to position itself in broader way, in order to able to continue their development in major City contexts. The opening of the new store in Oudergem was a good occasion to discover what Aldi is standing for in urban context.


Welcome to ‘Aldi Bouwt / Aldi Construit’ where Journalists and government stakeholders discover the broad positioning & engagements of the retailer as urban developer. 
Aldi bouwt was a dive into the sustainable integration of retail concepts, tailored to the neighbourhood it was going to be integrated in. It is about creation of possibilities in partnership with all stakeholders of the immediate surroundings of the Aldi Stores.


We created a pop up event venue on the roof of the store, so all visitors could see the impact that the project had on the environment. With a direct view on the realisations of the more then 100 homes, the solar electric system & different experience centres where other realisations could be discovered, we created a lasting impression on the positioning of ALDI.


Aldi positioned itself as a partner that thinks in dialogue with the community & with a focus on the long run. The campaign was a benchmark for new projects and set as an international reference of realisations for the retailer of the future in Urban context.

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