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CGI Bright Ideas


Engaging Storytelling

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Goal: CGI Belgium is looking for a new communication format to engage & inspire customers. They want to position themselves and their products through a new channel to work on how CGI is captured by the outside world. Their audience : existing clients, partners and prospects.


Welcome to CGI BRIGHT IDEAS. A unique & personalized concept that works itself into the calendar of our target audience. What better time to get inspired then the morning? Time to start fresh, with lot’s of energy ready for some bright ideas. The breakfast sessions offer the perfect framework to express and spread CGI’s Bright Ideas in an energetic way & fit perfectly in the busy schedule of the CGI clients and prospects. Early, powerful and with the right energy to start the working day.


The right ingredients of these professional CGI sessions? a mix of dawn venues with a bright, breathtaking view, Empowering & healthy breakfast, powerful speeches & of course all embedded in a personalized look & feel that is implemented in every aspect of the activity. Through the ruggedness we implement we highlight the pioneering positioning of CGI at the verge of tech possibilities.


With the sunrise above the city as a background, we create a unique setting to stimulate thoughts & networking opportunities. Additionally we take into calculation several extra bonuses to really connect: Inspiring networking opportunity out of the corporate environment, Transport before & after traffic Jams, Low Family impact (no evening program), Energized for the rest of the day.

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