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Festival Pedal


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Goal: Sport Sponsor ‘de Nationale Loterij’ wants to build bridges between their fans & their Brand Lotto. Lotto is 35 years cycling sponsor. With the biggest cycling event in the world – Tour de France 2019 – having a start in Brussels, Lotto needs a clever & engaging way to connect with their fans.


Welcome to Lotto Festival Pedal. a festival that celebrates cycling in an Experience Village on the notorious ‘MUUR VAN GERAARDSBERGEN’ red-dots jersey for the first day was decided. The event was a festive event on the most iconic place in cycling history, filled with Lotto branded sportive entertainment for the family & sport fans.


3 Fan zones welcomed 24 unique activities from which 7 tailored Lotto Animations like ‘Studio Koersvelo / Gazette Bicyclette / Cycling tattoos / Lotto Store / Kids Village / Lotto party zone and a lot more. The city of Geraardsbergen was transformed in a tailored event & Lotto Festival Pedal branding. A keened out communication Engaged more then 750.000 contacts from which 35.000 one on one’s on site.


Lotto Festival Pedal was a new way of engaging brand activation in sport sponsorship and created a client centric approach on how to really connect with your fans.

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