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INNOGY General Retail Conference


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Goal: The GRC is a yearly gathering of the commercial mid & high management of the Innogy Group. The yearly strategic meeting consists of plenary sessions, Keynotes, breakout sessions. The yearly retail awards are given to the best performers of the group. It is the main networking event for the group. In 2019 the host was Belgium. 2019 would be a special year due the merge with E-on in 2020.


Welcome to GRC 2019 – Dare to be Extra. We are on the eve of the merge with E-on, and face a lot of challenges. A lot of things are insecure. In this years edition, we invite all attendees to step out of their comfort zone, and let the unexpected elements surprise & inspire them. The 48 hrs following to the start led everyone from one surprise in the other, but created most importantly a perfect context to give the information that needed to be heard.

Converse & Connect

Also the local organizers dare to be Extra. The 300 attendees were taken into a state of serendipity, as we helped them to dare to be Extra. We created valuable networking moments through gallery walks, put people in motion through inspiring workshops & raised the glass in Belgians national monument, the ATOMIUM, a symbol of looking forward to what the future will bring.

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