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Table D’Haute


Engaging Storytelling

DTP Support


Goal: IT Company Cegeka is looking for a new event format for their round tables. They are looking for a recurring event format, with a solid story line that matches the Cegeka expertise and creates traction for marketing & sales department.


Welcome to Cegeka Table D’Haute. In line with the round table tradition Cravat develops a culinary experience in a unique venue. Through the tailor made concept, we create communication opportunities for MKT & Sales. The table experiences created, are in line with the expertises of Cegeka.

Converse & Connect

Guests are taken on a culinary trip to TechLand. Conversation starters, Mains & cookies. A master of ceremony takes the event into hands and prepares the perfect setting towards a high end culinary experience. The continuous communication & next events planned keeps the community active and close.

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