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Via Vivium


Engaging Storytelling



Goal: Insurance Broker Vivium was looking for a proposition to make valuable connection with their brokers. Vivium is looking for ways to raise the engagement of their agents in and let them connect with the brand, its products & its values.


Communities are not built in a day, engagement is not built through one shot actions. Introducing Via Vivium : a strategic communication portal, that goes beyond the normal. In a changing world, Via vivium follows the trends towards new consciousness & embeds the DNA of Vivium with a focus on warm interhuman connections. With Via Vivium, we propose a communication platform that covers all aspects of the feelgood of Vivium brokers and their team. We enrichen the personal Health, reward productivity & make it future proof with shared data insights.


We provide tailored content & copywriting, and adjust the engagement principles : Gamification in fun, health & business topics with an incentive program : office enablers, educational programs, workplace makeovers & new formats for business travel. This all tailored to the individual needs.


Through a holistic & customer centric approach, we create authentic interactions that make people connect with eachother & with Vivium.

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